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24 TV Show

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The 24 TV Show, is an advanced, suspenseful, acclaimed and real time action thriller series and has been nominated for a total of 57 Emmy awards. 24 gained Outstanding Drama series (2006) and Outstanding Lead Actor in a drama series for its star Kiefer Sutherland. Each episode covers an hour in a single day and each season takes place within one 24 hour period.

Jack Bauer, the hero, a dare and durable agent for the fictitious US intelligent body- The CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit), is attempting to stop the assassination of a presidential candidate. Jack Bauer is an agent for whom each day is more terrifying than the last one.

After the return of a former colleague and CIA Agent Tony Almeida, Bauer’s day takes an unwanted and surprising turn. Among the other characters are, President who leads the country beside White House Chief of staff Ethan Kanin and first gentleman Henry Taylor ; Kim Bauer, Jack’s troubled teenage daughter. A team of FBI agents including Agent Janis Gold, Agent Renee Walker, Agent Larry Moss, Agent Sean Hillinger, and Agent Michael Latham is constituted for investigation of National Security crisis.

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