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The American family drama TV show, 7th Heaven is the brainchild and production work of Brenda Hampton. The show was launched on 26th August, 1996 at the WB network. A total ofeleven seasons were broadcasted from the year 1997 up till 2007. Even as 8th May, 2006 was slated to mark the end of the show, the exceptional fan following motivated the production people for an eleventh and last season.

So this last season of the family drama that is designated as the longest running show of its kind in the history of television, started off on 25th September, 2006 and ended on 13th May, 2007. It is also the longest series made by Aaron Spelling who is now dead. The show is all about a senior Protestant Minister at the GlenOak Community Church and his family who reside in the fictional town of GlenOak in California.

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