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Jerry Seinfeld doing a reality show about marriage?

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It’s not a show about nothing, but Jerry Seinfeld is coming back to your TV set. This time, he’s exec producing an NBC reality series
about marriage problems. Only it’s not a drama, it’s a comedy.

The Marriage Ref will feature celebrities, comedians and sports stars offering their advice to real-life couples in the midst of marital woes. Oh good grief, there’s so much wrong with this concept. Where to begin …

First of all, I’d like nothing more than to see Jerry Seinfeld on my TV again. But after being so successful in the sit-com arena, why for the love of God would he even think about stooping so low as to helm a reality series.

Second, marriage problems aren’t funny. Sure, we laughed at Lucy and Ricky’s squabbles and Ralph threatening Alice with “to the moon!” But these were situation comedies, not reality shows.

Third, the very idea of a celebrity giving marriage advice is completely ridiculous. Most celeb marriages don’t even make it past the first six months. Hey, here’s an idea, Jerry. How about having Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards offer their marriage advice? Or maybe Pamela Anderson?

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. Please come to your senses before you make an utter fool of yourself and ruin the goodwill that everyone feels in their heart for you. Please, Jerry, I’m begging you!

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