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Kimberly Stewart Picks up Where Sienna Miller Left Off

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It looks like Sienna Miller is easier to get over then some might think. Rhys Ifans was seen last night out with Kimberly Stewart at Bungalow 8 nightclub. The couple must be trying to hide something because they slipped in the back door of the club.

Come on – it’s Kimberly Stewart. I am sure she would have had no problem going in the front door. The two went to several bars and a friends home and then headed back to Kimberly’s flat. Trying to be sneaky – Rhys had the driver let him off down the street from her home so they wouldn’t be photographed together.

Ifans was a mess after his breakup with Miller, reportedly calling her and crying all the time in a feeble attempt to win her back. He still looks pretty messed up. Hey what’s the white stuff all over his shirt?

This isn’t the first time Stewart has gone after Sienna’s past lovers.   She was also
recently seen kissing
Jude Law.

More photos below.

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