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More America’s Got Talent coming our way

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In one of the most unsurprising news of the day, NBC announces that it is renewing America’s Got Talent for a fourth season. The “greatest show in the world,” as host Jerry Springer says, is the most-watched summer show so it’s no wonder the network wants to continue the adventure and make more money in the process.

Even if millions of viewers watch America’s Got Talent weekly, it doesn’t mean they are not tired of of some aspects of the show. Some changes are needed if the producers and the network want to score the same ratings next season and maybe bring on new viewers. Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Change the host. Jerry Springer reads the teleprompter way too much. Also, his interactions with the contestants are sometimes painful to watch because Springer doesn’t know what to tell them or how to act around them.
  • Change at least one of the judges or add a fourth one. The show already changed one of the judges in the past so we know they can do it. Adding a fourth judge wouldn’t be original since American Idol is doing it next season. However, both options offer some needed freshness to the judges panel. Aren’t you tired of hearing the same comments over and over again?
  • Stop having the acts you (aka the producers) want us to vote for perform last. We get it, they have touching stories and amazing voices but can’t you let us come to the conclusion that they should move on further in the competition on our own?
  • Cut down the number of audition episodes. I, for one, love the audition process. It’s the only part of shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance I watch. But there were way too many episodes spent on auditions this summer. If producers want to have the same number of episodes, how about showing us a little bit more of Vegas Week?
  • Live shows are not your friends unless you actually know how to produce a live show. The last two live shows were painful to watch because of the poor editing/lighting/audio and cuts between the shots, just to name a few flaws. If producers can’t find the proper staff to produce live shows, maybe it’s time to turn to pre-recorder “live” shows. We will still watch AGT and vote even if the performance shows are taped the day before (or earlier the morning the episodes air).

Do you agree with my suggestions to improve the show? If you were one of AGT‘s producers, what would you do to improve the show and ensure that it stays the “greatest show in the world”? Let your voice be heard in comments below.

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