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Project Runway: Fashion that Drives You

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(S05E07) Wow, this season’s designers are an emotional little bunch, aren’t they? There’s a lot of whining, a lot of complaining, a lot of talking behind each others’ backs. These kids make me feel like I’m in high school all over again, except everyone is somehow even more poorly dressed and misinformed about aesthetics. The designers also seem increasingly insecure about their own work and this challenge did their fragile states no favors. Charged with the mission to grab materials from cars and make something wearable, you’d probably get a little grumpy too.

Season Three’s Laura Bennett stopped by to fill in for Nina Garcia. Yes, one week without Nina! The designers must have been relieved. Rachel Zoe also played guest judge. Follow along by checking out the designs on Bravo’s site.

Blayne: Will it ever end? I had my fingers crossed when I saw his model walk out in an outfit holding phantom boobies. Alas, he was a the top of the bottom three and he stayed. Damn. Also, was Heidi right about the broken mirror meaning seven years of no sex? I thought it just meant general bad luck. Perhaps Heidi’s idea of bad luck is just no sex.

Jerell: In this episode, Jerell threw out one of a rare quotable comment. “She’s got two faces and four patterns.” Boom! Burn! Sass! It’s lines like that and Terri’s out-of-nowhere “I ain’t got no babies, ain’t nobody sucking on my titties” from a few episodes ago that truly shine. Blayne and Suede’s desperate attempts to creating a new “fierce” just look extra-sad in comparison. Anyway, Jerell did a surprisingly good job. I think most of the effect was carried by his solid choices in make-up and hair styling, though.

Joe: Joe really lucked out by having immunity this week. He had the opportunity to get really crazy with such a difficult material, and I felt like he didn’t take advantage of this.

Keith: [AUF’D]
His outfit was pretty boring, but it didn’t deserve sending him home. I think he just sealed his fate by mouthing off on the runway, though. Has he learned nothing? There’s no point in mouthing off to the judges. They don’t care. When has a designer ever changed the minds of the judges by complaining? Doing so just wastes time that could have been spent pointing out the solid, well-considered parts of one’s garment. But I guess Keith was too caught up in his own frustration to think clearly. His clean-up farewell was a bit heartbreaking though, I’ll give him that.

I really don’t care for Kenley. At least she didn’t bust out her attitude this week. I applaud her for doing what most designers haven’t done, which is customize fabrics/materials with her own images, but the overall silhouette and design wasn’t so exciting. I hope that one day Project Runway will get a really amazing illustrator-type who will customize their own materials. Just think, like, James Jean’s Prada goods.

This was a beautiful use of the seatbelt texture. Korto always delivers interesting work. Now, if only we could get her to stop looking like she’s about deliver a final death stare all the time, she’d be fine.

Leanne: [WINNER]
This was just an all-around great outfit. I can’t imagine anyone ever wearing it, but it was definitely a great visual piece and a beautiful use of materials. I especially liked the ruffly seatbelt bits along the top. It was also refreshing to see something without a crazy high collar from Leanne.

Stella: [ALMOST AUF’D]
Poor Stella suffered from the same situation as Keith. She tried to stray from her usual style and it almost cost her. I hope she doesn’t get discouraged, because blending a hard, metal look with soft femininity is a really tough thing to do. If she manages to pull that off, she’ll be an incredibly hot designer.

Suede: I heard him use “Suede” once. God, I we’re so close to him kicking that habit, I can feel it. Or maybe that’s just my desperation translating to optimism. His creation this week was okay. It was super-shiny, but pretty boring in terms of shape and originality.

Terri: This was pretty interesting. It carried the “hard” look of working with car parts, but it didn’t look like it had been ripped out of a Saturn.

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