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Sons of Anarchy 2.02 Small Tears – Casting Call

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GEORGIE CARUSO:- In his 50s, unfit, he’s the owner of a pornographic film production company. A guy who’s famous for getting his actresses quickly strung out on drugs and doing tricks on the side, Georgie hopes to scoop up female performers, and he’s contemptuously dismissive when ever told what to do…GUEST STAR; COULD POSSIBLY COME BACK

IMA:- In her early 20s, a performer in adult films, Ima is attractive, a pro, high end and a big money maker, and she’s freaked out after they are shut down by the Feds. Under orders to cancel her contract and show up for work at Georgie Caruso’s rival studio, Ima gets scared when Lyla is injured by Georgie’s thugs, and she briefly agrees to Georgie’s demands…WILL RECUR, WILL IN FUTURE HAVE SOME NUDITY (21)

LYLA:- In her early 20s, another performer in adult movies who is under contract, Lyla is a naive woman who accepts it when told that her contract is not cancelled. Lyla later winds up with a bloody nose when she refuses to accede to Georgie’s demands.sptv050769..WILL RECUR, WILL IN FUTURE HAVE SOME NUDITY(21)

MUSCLE 1:- A muscular guy in his 30s, a thug…at least 1 scene (26)

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