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Supernatural: In the Beginning Promo Pics 2

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So we met young John and Mary, but who is this I see sitting down to dine with the family?

Looks like Dean!  How interesting.  Let’s see some more.

Looks like Dean’s buying a car from his Dad. Maybe Dean’s credit was better in the past. . .

Dean spends a little quality time with Gramdma and Grandpa. (Why do I think Dean’s going to get misty over all of this?)


“Excuse me, sir. . .is it okay if I take my mom out to the movies, I promise to have her home by 9:00.”


“Hey!  You’re not my mom!  Get out the car. . . ”

More coming soon. . .  

Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Download Supernatural: In the Beginning for Free


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