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The Hills- Don’t Act Innocent

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So Lauren is back and she confronts Stephanie when she gets back…her answer was pathetic and then she says she’s going to his party the next day.  So…it’s Heidi’s bday and Holly’s gift to her is bringing her mom, Darlene, out for a visit…who didn’t know Spencer was living a the condo.  Well, just after Stephanie tells Lauren she wasn’t going to go out with Doug or anything she goes out with him AGAIN?WHY LIE?!!!  OMG
all of these people are scandalous…Doug is acting like it’s all on Stephanie now??!!!
.  Anyway Spencer and Heidi’s mom do lunch and it doesn’t go well, he’s so rude


Anyway Doug’s party is hilarious…Stephanie is all solo, Brody doesn’t hesitate to let her know he knows her deal, WOW.  So Heidi and her mom finally get alone time and to me Heidi acts like a woman who is being abused and Spencer acts like an abuser…he doesn’t want her close to her family at all.  Back to the party, while Stephanie is upstairs she overhears Doug telling everyone that he wasn’t trying to date her and Brody keeping it real…if Lauren believes her innocent BS then she’s an idiot…Stephanie apologizes but she’s just a pathological liar.

Woo tonight was filled with that good old Hills DRAMA

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