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Will Mischa Barton Still Star on The Beautiful Life?

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After her most recent meltdown, which landed her in an L.A. hospital for “personal issues,” is Mischa Barton going to be on The Beautiful Life or what? Sources close to The Beautiful Life remain hopeful that Mischa’s health will hold up enough for her to be on the CW series, but no one knows for sure yet. Her character, supermodel Sonja Stone, has already been written in to the first several episodes, so if Mischa can’t make it, things will get messy fast. The show has already worked out a contingency plan to cast an alternate (and similar) character in the event Barton is not able to fulfill her obligations.

Producers are casting a new, open-ended recurring character with a resemblance to Sonja. But you know they would rather not go down that road. Fortunately, our guess is they won’t have to. Barton’s involuntary hold has been lifted and the actress set free. Her rep says Mischa is doing a lot better.

With filming beginning this week, she should be there.

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